Skinny Cat approves: two-colored vintage shoes

Phoebe had smelly cat. Bon Iver has skinny love. And what I'm having here is skinny cat.
He's here to show you one of my latest finds.
 My mum found this amazing pair of vintage beauties in local thrift shop and I was more than happy when she brought them home to surprise me.  
They are in great condition, lovely creamy-brown color and also very practical for every day. The brand is some Italian, and there is a original hand-written signature on the heel but I couldn't understand what it says. It doesn't really matter, they will speak their own story with every step my feet will make.
P.s. Stay tuned for the outfit post tomorrow. Just to make you sure I'm still alive and there's no some mutated intergalactic being sitting here right now and typing this. Well, my cat sometimes acts like he's from some other planet, but that doesn't really count.



  1. Cipelice su divne...i maca takoder!!! Kako si je samo nagovorila da ti pozira...???

    1. ma on je pravi mali pozer! rođeni maneken. :D

  2. prekrasne su i stvarno uopce ne izgledaju noseno!