When love and duty are one, grace is within you

Short intro:
First, accept my deepest apologies for this quite long period of absence. Finals have taken away all the precious time and life comes down to some pathetic scheme. Sad, I know. :(
Secondly, I would like to expand the categories a bit and make a section between the thumping outfit posts. Do not worry, they are also coming these days. 
And last but not least, I've probably mentioned somewhere I have a huge fascination with film costumes. And thus the films, especially those who still have one old-fashioned touch, smell of some past times, perfect dresses, jewelry and any other magical things that one true vintage lover like me would like to have in his closet, made me bring you one great cinematic inspiration!

The Painted Veil- One man, an enthusiast, a doctor and madly in love. One woman, spoiled, selfish and immensely brave. Placed together with miles of beautiful Chinese scenery and countless beautiful messages, all interwoven with a seemingly unhappy love story. The result is a movie that you want to watch again and again . Not only because of the actions or the fact that some scenes can make you cry the emotions and others can make you want to hug the whole world in human empathy. But also there is a fact that the plot takes place in 20's of the last century, one of the most beautiful fashion era. Dresses cut below the waist, lenght just below knee, hats with flowers and bows, delicate jewelry and best of all- beautiful brogues which appears several times in close-up scenes, put this movie in very high place on the list of fashion jewels. Because of all these reasons, if you haven't already seen it, you probably should. I'm sure you'll enjoy every single scene as well as I did.

You should watch it if:
- you like 20's fashion
- you believe that love can overcome absolutely everything
- you have some missionary spirit in yourself
You shouldn't watch it if:
- you are very squeamish
- you can't stand unhappy endings
- you are not a fan of historical films
 Costume designer : Ruth Myers
the painted veil

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  1. hvala za film prijedlog, vjerujem da ce mi se svidjeti film i moda :) .
    p.s. lijep ti je novi dizajn bloga!

  2. baš sam tražila mešto da gledam, yaay! i da može još ovakvih postova naravno :D

  3. ups, ja sam slucajno komentar ostavila na anketi ^.^
    evo ponavljam ga: hvala za preporuku, zvuci odlicno :)

  4. gledala sam...genijalan mi je film...u svim segmentima...od teme, glumaca, stila...ma sve

    jako dobra preporuka ostalima


  5. Prekrasan film :-)) Obozavam ga, pogledala sam ga nekoliko puta...a tek kineski pejzazi koji ostavljaju bez daha, zaista carobno...:-))


  6. I da dodam, pogledajte ako volite Edvarda Nortona :)

  7. sounds like a good movie =)
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ^^
    following you <3

  8. I love this movie :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Have a great day ;) !

  9. Ovaj film me iz nekog razloga ostavio jako tuznom. Ali divan je, volim takve.
    I volim ovakve postove, samo daj :)