What old movies taught me ► My Fair Lady (1964)

My Fair Lady- Loverly

Although I constantly have a strange urge to write things down and make lists, I never used to take any notes while watching a movie. But, after this one, I thought I should. Because some messages are just too strong to let them escape so easily.
Lesson #1: Education is an important link on the road to success
This is a fact we're already familiar with. But, in my case, it sometimes slightly slips out of my mind.
And then I rather choose to watch the very same episode of The Big Bang Theory all over again than sit my ass down and study. I'm not saying that you shouldn't rest and  that laziness is a bad thing (God is my witness that I worship being lazy more than anything else), but when you work- you work!
One day the results will show.
Lesson #2: Will and persistence are you best pals in anything you're up to achieve
Sometimes I think of myself as a quitter. For example, I quit my guitar lessons after three years because I was too lazy to practice and didn't get good grades in my finals. My fingers were always painful and I didn't like the feeling of sweaty wires during summer days. I still regret that choice.
Who knows, maybe I could have been a rock star one day.
Lesson #3: Women are from Venus, men are from Mars
True, true and nothing but the truth. Well, except in rare moments when you realise you're both humans and decide to stop arguing and enjoy yourself a little bit. Those moments void the fact in the section title.
Lesson #4: Facta, facta, non verba!
Or- it's easier said than done. People tend to make promises or plans ( guilty! ) and then do nothing to make them true. It doesn't matter what is the reason for that failure, but just think about that poor people we let down. Or what a miserable feeling we have in our own souls when we don't carry out our plans.
A little help from two companions from caption two should work just fine around here.
Lesson #5: There's nothing wrong with a nice hot bath
No need to explain this one. If you wonder what I'm talking about, make sure you watch the film!


  1. Pa ja sam skroz zaboravila na ovaj film, hvala ti na prisjećanju.

  2. Ovo je odlično, baš si lijepo izvukla 'pouke' filma (i života)! imaš pravo, zaista postoje filmovi koje bi trebali gledati s papirom i olovkom u ruci i zapisivati ono najbitnije i najmudrije :) Dora

  3. Such a lovely post, would you believe I have never seen this film?! You can learn so much from films xxx

  4. You have such a lovely blog!:) And I should definitely watch some old films, never seen that one! xx

  5. Audrey-timeless!<3


  6. i actually like taking notes during movies too- i love jotting down their inspirational quotes. and i just got into the big bang theory! i always thought it would be corny but it really is addictive. and I've never seen My Fair Lady, looks like I can learn a lot from it :)

  7. This is such a lovely post! I want to go and watch this movie now!


  8. Trebao bi me netko svakog dana podsjećati na točku broj 1 :)

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