ANAMNESIS of culottes (or better one than none)

Is it a skirt? Are they pants? They're culottes! :Insert Superman soundtrack here:
Since (unfortunately!) I have only one photo of this outfit, I will cut the rambling and leave you in a good company of my poodle hair and my all time favourite lime colored vintage culottes. 
Do you own a pair? Tell me your thoughts!


  1. This photo of yours is just so so stunning. You blend beautifully to the background!

  2. Predivna kao i uvijek! Super su mi ove suknja hlače, imam i ja jedne, ali na žalost više ne stanem u njih! :(

  3. This is such a beautiful outfit, you look absolute gorgeous! You are making me think that making up a pair of coulettes from that retro pattern I have might be a very good thing indeed. :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill